Gift Series - Bloomingdales Dubai

A collection of smaller stand alone pre-packaged pieces have been created exclusively for Bloomingdale’s Home – Dubai* which customers can simply pick up and purchase. Capturing well known popular and classic films, these smaller sizes make great gifts, especially for film/movie buffs and art lovers.


Titles available in the gift series are: A Storyline inspired by Avatar, Scarface, Star Wars: Episode V: Empire Strikes Back, The Matrix, Singin’ in the Rain, The Shawshank Redemption, Fantasia, A Clockwork Orange, City of Life, and Pulp Fiction.


Using the same Dibond® format, but with a thicker plexiglass finish, the pieces are perfect to stand alone on a desk or shelf.


* Available exclusively at Bloomingdales Home – Dubai and by contacting us. 80x31cm, AED 395.