Storylines Retail Range Launch in Bloomingdales Home - Dubai


From the big screen to your home or office, Bloomingdale’s Home – Dubai has signed as the exclusive retailer for Storylines by Yasemin Richie. Created in the UAE and inspired by classic films and iconic movies, Storylines is a unique collection of artwork that deconstructs and manipulates the colour of a film in order to represent each one in a fixed format as a passive design.

From City of Life to Scarface, the Storyline collection embodies the style, feel and original composition of the film and recreates its visual impact as an abstract colour palette on a high quality Dibond®printed medium. Each piece, regardless of size, is printed to CinemaScope dimensions to reflect the design inherent in the originating media and is mounted on matte black Dibond® aluminium with Plexiglas®, a finish guaranteeing optimum protection of the work while emphasizing its colours and contrasts. With an element of nostalgia, these contemporary pieces tell the story of a film through linier depictions of shades and hues of various colours.