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DIFF 2012 VIP Lounge The Story: Part I

  • 17-12-2012

Cate Blanchett & Yasemin Richie at the IWC Gala Party in Dubai: Cate loved her Storyline inspired by Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Since Yasemin Richie are sponsors of the DIFF VIP lounge we thought we'd give you the low-down through out the week.

VIPs to the lounge on the first day were the stars of the opening night red carpet film "The Life of Pi".  Suraj Sharma, Adil Hussein and Shravanthi Sainath all left with personalised Storylines - Suraj took a Storyline inspired by The Bicycle Thief, a film given to him by Ang Lee while he was perparing for his role in The Life of Pi.

On Monday Best Actress Academy award winner Cate Blanchett made a whirlwind visit, which was tightly scheduled and carefully planned, and loved her Elizabeth: The Golden Age Storyline. Also we had singer/songwriter Bryan Ferry who popped in before heading off to the IWC Gala where he was Master of Ceremony and Cirque de Soleil star Erica Linz - Bryan left with a Storyline inspired by Legend. Throughout the day the Lounge was filled with Kuwaiti television stars.  Leading ladies Shaima Ali and Fatima Al Saffi came in along with brothers Mahmoud and Abdul Bouchari and actor Hamid Al Omani.

Although he didn't manage to get to the lounge, we had a lovely time with Kevin Spacey at the IWC Gala and he left Dubai with his very own Storyline inspired by American Beauty.

Kevin Spacey IWC Gala Yasemin Richie

Kevin Spacey at the IWC Gala in Dubai: Kevin has a Storyline inspired by American Beauty


Suraj Sharma & Yasemin Richie

Suraj Sharma & Yasemin Richie with a Storyline inspired by The Bicycle Thief


Shravanthi Sainath & Yasemin Richie

Shravanthi Sainath & Yasemin Richie: Storyline inspired by the Bollywood film Straight from the Heart


Adil Hussein & Yasemin Richie

Adil Hussein & Yasemin Richie with a Storyline inspired by his film Ishqiya


Mahmoud Bouchari & Yasemin Richie

Mahmoud Bouchari & Yasemin Richie


Ahmed Bouchari & Yasemin Richie

Ahmed Bouchari loved the Storyline inspired by The Matrix


Andrew Adamson & Yasemin Richie

Had a great chat with Andrew Adamson, director of Shrek, about how the colour palette of a film is created


Andrew Adamson & Yasemin Richie

Andrew Adamson & Yasemin Richie


Bryan Ferry & Yasemin Richie

Bryan Ferry &Yasemin Richie


Yasemin & Richie Delaroche

Yasemin & Richie Delaroche at the IWC Gala during DIFF 2012



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