Take Me To River Island

  • 15-11-2013

My 18 year old, pink haired, nose ring and ripped jeans wearing self would probably disown me for writing this. I remember the rare occasions I would wonder into River Island and shudder at the glitter covered jackets, white jeans and tacky heavily bejewelled bags. I would leave shaking my head, glaring at innocent shoppers in disgust. For many years I simply avoided River Island completely, until fairly recently that is.

While on my way to Zara, I walked past River Island and a beautiful Kimono jacket caught my eye. Obviously, I thought, as I entered the shop, this must be a one off. I picked up the Kimono and started browsing the rails. To my disbelief I found myself picking up more and more items to try on, so many items that the shop assistant had to hand me two tags as I entered the changing rooms. Since that day I have found myself checking the ‘Just Arrived’ section on the River Island website regularly and even downloading the app. The store that I once found trashy has either changed its image or I have become what River Island once was!

Now, a few days ago when I was searching for my weekly fix of Grazia Magazine I spotted something that appeared far too good to be true - a 25% discount voucher with a copy of Elle. I stood for a while and tried to work this I could buy a copy of Elle and get a 25% discount voucher for River Island?  The two didn’t seem to add up. Elle, with it’s pages full of Dior, Chanel and Valentino, were offering 25% off at River Island? Now, I would expect 10% off with a copy of LOOK or even 5% off with a copy of Grazia, but 25% with a copy of Elle? My 18 year old socialist self told me to walk away magazine-less because there must be some sort of catch but the fastionista within told me to buy it NOW! And after ripping off the cellophane it became apparent that there was no catch and I walked happily away with my River Island voucher.

So it appears that River Island have evolved into a white denim free zone but never fear, if you want a little trashy number in your wardrobe you will still be able to find it at River Island. After all, we all need to realise our inner ghetto princess from time to time.




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